Artists in Residence Arts Afield at Smith College

Ecotones at Arts Afield,

TheLRCollaborative, Yvonne Love and Gabrielle Russomagno

​In the fall of 2019, we were invited by Arts Afield, a Smith College arts initiative, part of the Center for Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability CEEDs to create earth work sculptures at the MacLeish Field Station in Whately, Massachusetts. Ecotones is comprised of two separate 
temporal art works that will be made with materials harvested from the 190 acres of hilltop forest and are intended to move through state changes as the vagaries of time and weather lay waste to the materials returning the artworks to the land. In this way sculptures collaborate directly with nature, contributing both to their building and their dissolution. They also tell a topographical story of life and death in accelerating cycles of dying that mitigate and sometimes beg for hope in our warming world.  Each piece is a reflection of our working in a place for two years, a narrative of data, observations and experiences. When seen together, the artworks offer a conversation between two ecosystems and a phenological study of place and are imbued with a personal understanding of the particularities of MacLeish formed from our interactions with weather, science and the land itself.​

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