Yvonne Love

Process. A series of actions, changes or functions.

The unusual materials employed by Yvonne Love, such as modeling paste and glue, fluctuate between drawing space and holding form.  These spaces and forms address experience and memory, positive and negative and the ambiguity of boundaries, which contain and protect or divide and limit.

unspecifiedHer current series of works delve into quiet memory and employ a play on repetition that offers both a meditative state as well as eliciting a tone that is simultaneously of the body and the ocean.  In both the making and in experiencing, the pieces require slowness.

Born in Union, NJ in 1968, Yvonne Love received her BDAE in art education from the University of Florida in 1990 and her MFA in sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994.  She is assistant professor at Penn State Abington College.

Her sculpture has been most recently exhibited at LG Tripp Gallery in Philadelphia, Brenda Taylor Gallery in New York, and Sidetracks Gallery in New Hope, PA, Havana, Cuba and The Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelpha. Additionally she works with the collaborative group TangenT (TangenT-art.net) creating mixed-media, project-based, immersive art environments exploring socially relevant and politically current themes.  Recent exhibitions for TangenT include the International House at the University of Pennsylvania via In-Liquid, Hack Philadelphia, and The Grossman Gallery at Lafayette College, the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn and Rowan College Art Gallery.

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