RED ACT; a TangenT, collaborative work with Gabrielle Russomagno, William Cromar and Mike Brenner

2014 is proving to be a very busy year for our collaborative group; opportunities seem to come in waves. This year the opportunities have been by invitation, a very nice place to be. So far we have been exhibited on the Kimmell Cub and Commerce Square (currently), both of these opportunities generously offered through in-liquid with one more project for in-liquid  under development.

On September 27 we will be part of the Dumbo Arts Festival in a processional piece across the Brooklyn Bridge, a lovely invitation from performance artist Yikwon Kim. Three Penn State Abington students will be working with us to create this piece and another much larger installation; RED ACT

Rectify is a series of artworks that explore the visual renderings of fact detailed in redacted public documents. Drawing from state and federal reporting on individuals and institutions, Recitify is a meditation on information, control, privacy and truth. Fly Spec, the inaugural artwork in the series, designed for performance on the Brooklyn Bridge, uses the patterns of redacted text coupled with an original soundtrack as a metaphor for disconnection of experience, falsehood and suspension of truth.