Cuba Collaboration

Cuba 2 Cuba 3 Cuba 7 Cuba 10 Cuba 13Women in Trees * Mujeres en Los Arboles


This collaborative project brought together 4 US artists, Bonnie Levinthal, Sarah McEaneney, Betsey Batchelor and myself, and 4 Cuban artists, Jacqueline Brito, Yamilys Brito, Yasbel Perez and Alicia Leal.  Bonnie and I met Yamilys in 2012 at her studio in Havana, Taller Experimental Graphica. We immediately felt a connection to her, and had been thinking about doing a collaboration together.  That idea turned into this international collaboration.  We did not start with a theme, however early on we did come up with a title that is reflected throughout the work.  Each of the 8 artists started with a piece of paper, made their “mark” and passed the paper to the next artist. Many of the artists commenting that their favorite part of the collaboration was finishing a piece. For me this was true because I found seeing all of the voices together exciting.  We each had so much to say – and through the juxtapositions said it to one another, each maintaing our own voice while reflecting on those around us.

Discussion about the project at Taller Experimental Graphica

Discussion about the project at Taller Experimental Graphica from left; Ania(assistant to Alicia), Yamilys Brito, Yvonne Love, Alicia Leal, Sarah, McEneaney, Bonnie Levinthal, Betsey Batchelor.

The Process of passing.

The Process of passing.

And the 8 finished pieces;cuba 1 cuba 2 cuba 3

ZM0A1790_1At the opening in Havana,From Left; Yamilys Brito, Jacqueline Brito, Yvonne Love, Gillian Siegfried (student), Bonnie Levinthal, Erica Lampe (student), Yilian Marie (student), Sarah McEneaney, Yasbel Perez.

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  1. Nice documentation of the project here Yvonne

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